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ArkusNexus Platinum

Younes Aatif, CEO

We sponsor Kwaai because, first and foremost, we believe in its mission. The value of our support extends beyond traditional financial contributions; it's about providing Kwaai with a dedicated team of engineers, developers, and architects who ensure the organization has the necessary resources to spread the word and build momentum.

Secondly, our collaboration with Kwaai has galvanized our team around a concrete goal. Our engineers contribute and greatly benefit by acquiring crucial skills to architect, build, and maintain cutting-edge AI solutions. The exchange of ideas with leading experts in the field, coupled with the significant brand exposure, has resulted in tremendous gains in knowledge for our team.

Knowledge grows with more sharing; this is our contribution to spreading knowledge and being part of the conversation. By joining forces with Kwaai, we're not just supporting a cause we believe in; we're actively participating in a movement that enriches the development community, particularly the AI community. The development community, especially the AI community, will be better served if we all contribute our resources and join this movement. It's about lifting everybody's boat in a tide of collective progress and innovation. 

For Arkusnexus, this is not just business—it's personal.

Chase Gold

Chase was inspired by the Kwaai mission and provided sufficient debt finance to get Kwaai launched.

Salesforce donated its Nonprofit Cloud with 10 seats. This has enabled Kwaai to automate the back-office operations and volunteer community management. Salesforce has helped to orchestrate our membership and sponsorship funnels.

Wiley Silver

Wiley provide pro bono legal services to Kwaai.

“Thanks … for all your hard work and efforts in making this first summit a success!” Omar Torres, Assistant Superintendent/VP of Instruction, CoC

Scale hosted the Kwaai Personal AI Summit at its 21st Socal Linux Expo. Kwaai programmed the Scales21x AI track. We look forward to strengthening the relationship with this important open source community partner.

DataConLA host the initial launch of Kwaai.

Ai4 Bronze