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Kwaai is a volunteer-based organization and does not offer paid positions.
If you are interested in paid work associated with Kwaai, please contact a Kwaai Partner who may have donated developer effort to the mission.

Kwaai's Executive Officers (3) are corporate representatives elected to serve by the guidance of the Board of Directors.

Kwaai's Board of Directors (9) vote to guide the organization's corporate decisions.  Initially, Kwaai has selected 9 Board Members, including the Executive Officers, to serve for a period of 6 months.

Kwaai's Advisors are heavily active in the day to day activities of Kwaai.  They may organize, lead or be involved in fundraising or development efforts to support the altruistic mission.   Advisors are self-selected individuals, approved by the Board of Directors with a high degree of ownership and personal accountability.  Inactive Advisors who do not attend Kwaai meetings, will be asked by the Advisory Council Chair to become Members.

Kwaai's Members are the builders and researchers that empower the mission and our efforts.  Join us synchronously or asynchronously across channels. 

Kwaai Executive Officers

Reza Rassool


Reza is serial AI entrepreneur and corporate transformer.  His storied experience building engineering teams and driving cultural change with technology includes 75 patents, a Technical EMMY and OSCAR winning products, and 2 exits to Google.

He realized that AI can be a tremendous force for good, empowering individuals rather than  subjugating them. He formed the Kwaai movement to counter the forces on monopolization and democratize AI. It's mission is implemented through open-source code, research, and policy - all in the service of building Personal AI.

Afshin Beheshti, PhD


Afshin passionately inspires the scientific community to global action.  His roots traverse across across important research institutions seeking treatments and cures for cancer, to presiding over an international research response to COVID, to defining the field of space biology.

Understanding that irrational fear stymies progress, Afshin co-founded Kwaai to ensure that careful research, open education, human rights, and the public good are at the forefront of the mission.  He is an AI optimist; a champion for AI assistance in his own work and wants to ensure all professions feel similarly augmented to make new discoveries.

Doc Searls

Chief Intention Officer

Alumnus Fellow, Berkman Klein Center for Internet  & Society, Harvard University
Alumnus Fellow, Center for Information Technology and Society, UC Santa Barbara
Instigator, ProjectVRM
Emeritus Editor in Chief, Linux Journal
Co-Founder, Customer Commons
Partner, The Searls Group

IEEE Standard for Machine Readable Personal Privacy Terms P7012


Cristian Randieri, PhD

EMEA Director

Cristian's diverse background has supported scientific inquiry and technical discovery in AI and Machine Learning for over two decades. He has published hundreds of works and papers globally about advancements across the sciences and their practical applications in industry. 

Believing that AI holds immense potential across a rapidly evolving landscape, Christian desires to channel AI research and development in a more equitable way, ensuring the benefits of Personal AI empowerment are accessible and humane. 

What is Kwaai?

Kwaai is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. We are a volunteer based, open source AI research and development lab focused on democratizing artificial intelligence by building a Personal AI. We center our efforts around the principals of personal control, self-sovereign identity, transparency and openness.

What is the Problem with AI?

AI’s exponential growth entails significant risk of a dystopian outcome.

AI can subjugate us. Not in the manner described in the AI doomer click bait prophecies but weaponized in the arsenal of big business.

Our data has been mined since commerce developed on the Internet. Our digital personas, captured in data silos of large brands, are used to target us for advertising of their products and services. This trillion dollar industry is a dumb waste of resources. Your digital persona extracted by cookies, pixels, and other spyware is inaccurate and out of date. That is why you receive ads for a product eavesdropped from a conversation or offers from a product that you've already purchased. Why can't they simply ask me what I need? Personal AI can help.

In the Kwaai Manifesto, we acknowledge the once in a generation leap forward in AI but question "what could possibly go wrong?"

What can we do to make a difference?

We need a grass-roots, volunteer, open-source movement to resist the oligopoly that’s concentrating wealth and disempowering individuals.

Think of Kwaai as the “Linux of AI.” Join https://www.kwaai.ai/

What is the Kwaai Mission?

To democratize Artificial Intelligence through Personal AI. Tagline: AI - Now it's Personal

What is Personal AI?

Vision of Personal AI

Imagine an assistant that you own,

That you can talk to, that knows you,

That can make you a better you.

Amplified rather than Artificial Intelligence.

The problem hinges on Who Owns Your AI?

If corporations continue to mine your private data to train their models to better monetize you,

Or your employer trains a co-pilot on your past work output?

Then you’ll likely end up devalued, poorer, and less employable.

How do we build Personal AI?

Trained on our latest personal experience

Secure, private with revocable entitlements for 3rd party access

That can run locally without a SaaS toll

How do employ AI technology in our favor?

Kwaai is building a Personal AI Operating System that you can

Personal AI (PAI) is a technology that leverages your own data to enhance your daily life and interactions. We give you the tools to refine AI with your own data, resulting in an augmented intelligence, uniquely tailored to you. The Personal AI Operating System (PAI OS) is a comprehensive set of user interfaces, systems, and services on which PAIs run to support your goals.

Kwaai's Personal AI (PAI) stands out as an open-source, individually operated AI assistant, utilizing private data for self-governance. It creates a Personal Knowledge Model to enhance your decision-making and effectiveness. This tool is designed with a focus on your interests and economic empowerment, unlike centralized services that prioritize monetization goals of vendors.

Is Personal AI Free?

Personal Use

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